Friday, December 2, 2011

Domestic Goddess (Part I)

So, yes, I know it has been ages since the last time I was a good blogger!
But I have a few things that I have saved up to post on this blog over the last couple of months!

First of all I have some pictures of my homemade double chocolate cake and the homemade pink cookies I made a couple of days ago! The recipe for the cookies  will follow in the next few days!

I will have to confess, that the chocolate cake was not made from scratch. It was actually
a bake mix from Betty Crocker and so was the vanilla icing. But it still took some time to put together.

Double Chocolate Cake

Homemade cookies    

The cookies on the other hand are absolutely homemade by me!Including the pink icing!

The next two things that are on my "baking list" before Christmas are a traditional pumpkin pie and red velvet and chocolate cupcakes like the once I bought from "Cake". (Not that I will ever come close to making anything as delicious as these once. But one can always dream!)

Cupcakes from "Cake"